Any IT task for your office can be daunting. Thankfully, your Las Vegas accountants at Kohler Financial can help with your IT decisions too.  No one knows how important your data is more than your accountant and our clients have a wide variety of systems. We know first hand which ones give us and our client’s issues and which systems are worth shelling out your hard earned money for.

To be clear, we are not sponsored by Synology in any way nor have they provided any kind of service to us. We are telling you this just because as your local Las Vegas accountants, we want to ensure that your data is secure. The more secure your data is, the easier it is for us to do your accounting in a professional and quick manner.

Setting up a File Server for your small business just got a whole lot easier. A great company called Synology makes cost-effective NAS devices that will secure your data from online threats and hardware failure. These devices feature RAID technology that uses an array of hard drives to combine and act as one. If one hard drive in the array crashes, the other hard drives regroup to restore the otherwise lost data.

The best part is Synology offers entry-level devices starting at only $170! All systems come “diskless” so you can pick out the proper size hard drives you need for your application.


Synology incorporates software into its NAS systems that will allow you to securely access your company’s data remotely. No more paying for remote desktop subscriptions that compromise privacy. This new device will allow you the freedom to host and access everything yourself.

The device can also simultaneously act as a DVR system for your company’s security cameras. You would no longer need to pay for an outside company to host your Security Camera’s DVR.

Call Chad at our Las Vegas office to learn more about how a NAS setup could improve your company’s data management.

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