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Monthly & Quarterly Bookkeeping options to keep your business on track. Includes Budgeting & Tax Planning.

Income Tax Preparation

Full-Service Income Tax Preparation for your Corporation or LLC. All taxes are delivered to you on-site.

Management Services

Virtual CFO services includes Bill Payment, Budgeting, and 100% Government Compliance. Appealing to small and international companies who have entities within the US.

Simplified Billing

Tired of being charged hourly rates by your CPA or tax professional? Kohler Financial offers Flat Rate Accounting Services. Clients pay the same quarterly or annual fee regardless of fluctuations in accounting needs. Never pay-by-the-hour again.

Our domestic and international management services allow us to fulfill the responsibilities of an entire accounting department. We maintain A/P records, bill payments, payroll processing, IRS estimated tax payments, and banking administration. We have also partnered with local Executive Office suites to allow international clients an affordable physical address for their US company.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, we can refer you to the proper CPA. We work closely with former IRS agents that specialize in tax resolution. While they work to resolve the past, we set up prepayment schedules that keep your business from owing penalties to the IRS in the future.

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Kohler Financial keeps my business taxes on track so I don’t have to worry. Their tax planning insight has made sure I never end up owing a large amount to the IRS at the end of the year.
Charles L. Geisendorf
Business Law Attorney

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