Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster! Without Paying More Money!

While the concept of paying off your mortgage faster can seem simple, it can get very technical especially in the beginning. However, the rewards for using the system that we want to share with you can pay off huge in the end! Can you imagine having your mortgage paid off early and not actually spending more money to do it? Kohler financial can help you.

Let’s start by telling you that its all in how you structure the timing of your mortgage payments relative to your personal finances. With this concept as your foundation, Kohler Financial can teach you how to save money and gain time on your mortgage. Then you can spend that time, money and energy doing the things your family loves to do.

If you want to know more, please feel free to reach out to us at our Las Vegas office. 

This strategy comes by managing your money like a pro. Making the most of your money, using extra payments and knowing how to stay motivated, among other strategies.

Let’s dive right in and get you started on your path!

  1. Get creative and get a side hustle! Think about any skills that you may have. Perhaps you learned to code in college. You could freelance on websites like. They have so many different categories one is bound to apply to you.  If that isn’t your gig, why not rent out a room on Air BNB? If those aren’t to your liking, here are 26 totally legit side hustles.
  2. Paying off debt with the highest APR first may not always be the best way for everyone. Analyze your own situation. Sometimes people can get frustrated by not seeing results as soon as they would like. So paying off credit cards with the highest interest may not always work for you. Some people might be better off paying off the smaller debts first. This may motivate them by allowing them to see that what they are doing is working.
  3. Transfer high APR rates to another credit card. A few interest-free months may be all you need to pay off your balance. With excellent credit, you may qualify for a good balance transfer interest rate. Don’t limit your search to balance transfer cards. Some of the best balance transfer rates are on reward credit cards. And if you don’t have enough available credit to transfer an entire balance to a single credit card, moving just some of it will lighten the load.

The key here is to be able to pay off your mortgage faster without having to pay extra money! Let us help you live your financial dream. Call or email us so we can start talking about how you can pay off your mortgage faster!

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