How To Start a Business in The US as a Non Resident

How to Start a Business in the US as a Non Resident

International businesses looking to establish an entity within the United States can benefit from Incorporating in Nevada. Nevada does not have a traditional state income tax and the annual renewal fees to keep Corporations active are lower than most states.

Kohler Financial can help you incorporate in Nevada. As a matter of fact, we specialize in arranging products and services that are tailored to each individual business looking to incorporate in Nevada. We provide bookkeeping and tax preparation services for many different types of international clientele. We offer tax planning and other consulting needs that maintains local, state, and federal compliance. So, if you are a non-resident looking to open a business in the US, Kohler Financial is your best source.

Do I Need Employees For my Business in The United States?

If you want to easily start a business in the USA as a foreigner, Kohler Financial is also able to offer full-service management duties. You would not need to hire employees in the US to fulfill the basic tasks that keep a Corporation active. We are able to pay your bills, respond to all government inquiries, and make sure that your business is not late on any required government filings. You have the comfort of knowing all of your USA obligations as met while you are able to stay in your own country.

How Do I Get a Legal Address in The United States For my Business?

Many international people who open small businesses in the USA will benefit from using Executive Office services. Executive Office suites offer shared receptionist services, dedicated office space, conference rooms for rent, in addition to the legal address that’s required and used for licensing and government correspondence.

We have partnered with several Executive Office suites in Southern Nevada to offer our international clients the best rates when seeking a business address for their US Corporation.

Call us today to see how we at Kolher FInancial and our partners can help you in starting a US Corporation for your international business.

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