Almost 20 Reasons an Accountant is Essential to Business Survival

Best to work with a pro

Many new business owners make the mistake of assuming they can handle all financial aspects of a business on their own. The truth is, if you don’t have enough experience in accounting, you will miss out on some very big opportunities to save money or increase profits. Someone who has earned a degree and is educated and trained to look out for red flags or opportunities to help you grow.

Kohler Financial specializes in arranging products and services that are tailored to each individual business looking to incorporate in Nevada. We provide bookkeeping and tax preparation services for many different types of international clientele. We offer tax planning and other consulting needs that maintains local, state, and federal compliance.

Kohler Financial is also able to offer full-service management duties. You would not need to hire employees in the US to fulfill the basic tasks that keep a Corporation active. We are able to pay your bills, respond to all government inquiries, and make sure that your business is not late on any required government filings.

Many international small businesses will benefit from using Executive Office services. Executive Office suites offer shared receptionist services, dedicated office space, conference rooms for rent, in addition to the legal address that’s used for licensing and government correspondence.

We have partnered with several Executive Office suites in Southern Nevada to offer our international clients the best rates when seeking a business address for their US Corporation. Call us today to see how our partners may help you in establishing a US Corporation for your international business.

Accountants are great for startups

When establishing a business, it is a good idea to start by consulting an accountant. There are several tasks you’ll need to complete and systems you’ll need to have set up to ensure your business goes off without a hitch. Check out some ways an accountant like Kohler Financial can help with your startup:

  1. Choosing the best business structure to register as (sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation, or a partnership).
  2. Creating a business plan and financial analysis.
  3. Assist you with the selection of accounting software and setting it up.
  4. Provide advice on funding opportunities to raise capital for your business.
  5. Ensure that you’re in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  6. Provide advice on how to track expenses.
  7. Help you in filing your estimated business taxes.

Accountants are great for day-to-day operations

After you’ve cut through all the red tape and actually launched your business, you’ll still need to keep a reliable accountant nearby. They can help you with the day-to-day operations as they pertain to the finances of your company. Here’s a look at some of the ways we can assist once your business is established.

  1. Assist you with hiring either employees or independent contractors.
  2. Help you review your financial statements and ensure that they match your records.
  3. Monitor and/or administer payroll on a regular basis.
  4. Ensure that you’re in compliance with your tax forms such as W2’s and 1099’s.
  5. Create end-of-the-year reports.
  6. Complete your taxes at the end of each year and gather necessary information.
  7. Aid you in deciphering financial lingo and terms on important documents.

Accountants are great for expansions

Whenever you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you need to review your finances to determine which moves are the best to make. An accountant becomes an integral part of this as they give you advice on how to expand. Here are some ways that we at Kohler Financial can help with growth:

  1. Help you by looking for cash flow sources.
  2. Review patterns, manage inventory, and look for financing opportunities.
  3. Assist you with selecting the best property and office equipment.
  4. Create a financial forecast so that you can make more informed decisions.
  5. Help you set up a new budget that will include expenses from the expansion.

These are just a few of the ways in which an accountant can help a small business owner. While you don’t have to hire an accountant to work 24/7, having a financial professional you can reach out to for advice is ideal. When it comes to company finances, you don’t want to take the risk of doing it all on your own. Kohler Financial can help you realize things about your company and its potential that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. So if you don’t currently have an accountant, the reasons above should certainly motivate you to give us a call!

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