Four Concrete Reasons to Hire an Accountant

Getting off on the right foot

If you want to grow at a healthy pace and focus on doing what you love, rather than spend costly hours putting out fires every day, you want to put systems in place that will support your success from day one. Hiring a solid accountant like Kohler Financial in the early stages is one of the best ways to do that. Setting up your accounting properly and choosing the best software for your business type are just a couple things a good accountant can do to minimize problems and maximize your business potential right from the beginning. Backtracking, cleaning up disorderly books, and switching systems will be a headache later and divert attention away from your most critical and profitable business activities.

Making deadlines

It seems like the regulatory burdens on small business owners increase daily. The IRS has a handy online calendar for businesses and the self-employed, and it’s chock full of filing deadlines. Depending on your business structure and the type of business you’re in, there are multiple deadlines every month of the year. And for every reporting deadline, you bet there are corresponding fines and penalties for filing late. Having Kohler Financial in your corner means the federal, state, and local deadlines won’t sneak up on you, and you’ll avoid the last-minute rush. We can also direct you to the best resources for automating the most tedious tasks. The pressure that automation takes off your shoulders cannot be underestimated.

Managing cash flow

As a business owner knows, cash flow can make or break any business. Behind every healthy business is someone who keeps their hands on the cash-flow wheel. On the other hand, a timing misstep when it comes to cash flow has brought businesses large and small to their knees.

Chad at Kohler Financial knows what reports need analyzing, when, and what the red flags are in this area. Has there been a change in a customer’s paying habits that could signal trouble ahead? Do you have a larger tax liability this year than last? Is it time to re-negotiate payment terms with one of your vendors? The answers to these questions relate directly to your overall cash-flow picture and are found in the financial reports. Kohler Financial there to help you minimize unwelcome surprises and plan ahead for maximum profitability.

Handling audits

In the event of an audit, we can take the burden off your shoulders and guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. Having an accountant like Chad Kohler who knows your books well, and having an accounting system in place that was set up to conform to accounting standards will put you ahead of the curve if the IRS comes knocking. Staying in compliance when tax rules change many times per year can be challenging, especially at the state level. An accountant like Chad who keeps your business in compliance can save you expensive fines and penalties, as well as hours of labor.

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